4_litre_friend (4_litre_friend) wrote,

eAT thrush

ohhh baby dont you know what thats worth dont you know heaven is a place on earth
blah blah

i want to go see boney m so i can dance on stage with them and scream freeze im ma baker!!!! put your hands in the air and give me all you money....

yestgerday i got pissed at 1 uni was over for the week and the old age drag queen can back from holiday and kept topping up our glasses with goon he bought me and tom saroongs how beautiful.... i can wait to get home and start drinking went to the city today and bitch at horrible people that give me thrush in my eyes from looking at the filth they are minge tit
i love cyndi lauper!!!!!! FUCK KASEY CHAMBERS for ripping off her true colours and tainting it with her whiney ass voice that spews trushy cheesy ovarian menstral nuggets covered with dandruff from her pubes and when she queff it makes a snow storm of dandruff and minge chowder flying through the air in a myrid of multicoloured filth
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