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mutha fucking slut tit whore it is my last day as a teenager and i can feel the twentiness creeping up on me during the night it slithers and crawls next to my bed gently slowly circling me with its horrid thrush filled crevises and holes pustulating with unerring ease and precision it shoots its sticky web, from the gaping hole much like the grand canyon i might add, which creates a binding circle of sticky 20 germs that begin to infect my body like herpes it squirts and blooms in my body so the right age for the taking of 20 fever... but enough of those lovely thoughts and back to the shit... its to the flying scotsman tonight for birthday drinks who said i cant start early i will cut the cunt ok? becasue you know a large part of my memory takes to drinking and i love it fucker............... mmmmmmmm booze i want to start now i have drinking fever the urge to binge the urge that takes me to new levels of fucked ness awwwwwww britney suicide song is playing its so pretty.... FAT FAIRYS FUCK FLACID FLAGULATING FLOPPY FUCK-POLES! and with lovely thought i bid you farewell....
Farewell teenage years
Farewell teenage drinking binges
Farewell teenage drug binges
Farewell teenage binges
Hello puesdo-adulthood....
Fuck that shit i want booze....
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