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what a cunt of a machine i just wrote this big spiel of shit on here and it deleted it all so i will attempt to recreate the air of mystery that goes hand in hand with the words of wisdom i speak...
well it is my birthday tomorrow and i can feel the twentyness creeping and slithering up on me during the night.. on silent feet it slides with juices flowing in tow of it.. it sneaks into my room cicrling my bed with slow and practiced ease it shoots out its thrush filled tendrils into a web of sticky prescion built twentiness.. these tendrils close in on me pulsing their 20 germs through my body which is of the right age and it infects me like herpes it sqirts and blooms into my blood stream which fights oh how it tries to fight eventually giving into the malignant tumour that is my twentiness coming upon me during the night shit fuck tit!!!!
how ugly is that cunt from the rasmus
i want a drink the mood which is binging has taken me i want booze that sweet elixir that brings my body into new hieghts of awareness and unawareness hehehehehehe who says i cant start early they are cunts i tell you all cunts nothing more nothing less than a cunt!
well goodbye teenage binges of drinking drugs and rock and roll or well trashy pop
Hello pusedo-adulthood binges of a new scale of living hehehehehehe that 20ness cunt is going to wish i had stayed 8 heheheheeheheh i am going to fuck it up!
FARE THEE WELL TEENAGE YEARS (i dont remember all of them hah no big deal)
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